The Forest’s Gift: Sophie’s Awakening

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Sophie was a young woman in her mid-twenties. She had short, curly brown hair that framed her heart-shaped face, and big, bright green eyes that sparkled with curiosity and enthusiasm. She was slender and graceful, with long, slender fingers that danced across the keys of her laptop as she typed away on her latest project. Sophie was a city girl, … Read More

Cernunnos: Celtic God of Nature, Abundance, and Prosperity

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We dedicate this post to the beautiful couple whom we hand-fasted on a misty rainforest morning. Cernunnos, the Celtic god of nature, abundance, and prosperity, has been revered for thousands of years by the ancient Celts. He was the god of the wild, and was associated with the forests, animals, and all forms of life. He was also seen as … Read More

The Wheel of the Year: A Guide to the 8 Wiccan Holidays

FoxyLet's Get Metaphysical!

So, what exactly is the Wheel of the Year? The Wheel of the Year is a series of eight festivals that mark the changing seasons and the cycles of the moon. Each holiday has its own unique meaning and significance, and Wiccans all over the world come together to celebrate and connect with the divine. Samhain: This holiday is celebrated … Read More