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Indulge in the enchanting world of Damien and Foxy's eBooks, where technologie, myth, magick, passion, and romance intertwine. Immerse yourself in exciting tales that will captivate your imagination and ignite your senses, taking you on a journey of discovery, love & seduction.

Call of the Selkie eBook
📚🧜‍♀️ Embark on a journey to the mystical shores of Ballymore, where the sea whispers ancient secrets and Selkies roam. "The Call of the Selkie" weaves a tale of love, courage, and enchantment. 🌊✨ Chapter One is now live!

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Aria & Echo eBook
Neon City was a paradox, a place of brilliant light and deep shadow, where the future was now, but the promise of tomorrow seemed more distant than ever. Aria Sterling stood at the apex of this contradiction ...

The Unconventional Family of Neon City eBook
Neon City. A dystopian sprawl. A mega-city where the relentless neon glow battled the perpetual gloom. Here, the digital and the physical merged into a labyrinth of concrete and circuitry, where the rich soared in skyscrapers high above the squalor, and the poor were left to scavenge in their shadow
Hearts Synced in Neon eBook

A Cyberpunk Love Story

Part One: The Quest in the Digital Labyrinth

The city breathed a symphony of neon and shadow, towering skyscrapers bathed in the glow of countless lights. Beneath this luminescent canopy, the streets pulsed with the rhythm of the ever-moving crowd—humans and androids intertwined in the dance of daily life.

Eve eBook

Eve ~ Genesis of a Digital Soul

Cora Synn leaned back and stared malevolently at the black silicon mug in her hands, a stark contrast against the ambient glow of screens and the soft chatter of Nirvana, the underground hacker collective ...