Welcome to the Playground of the Senses, where you can ignite your passion, celebrate your relationship and immerse yourself in everything sensual and metaphysical!

The Playground of the Senses is a lifestyle destination dedicated to helping you live better, stronger, richer and more satisfying sensual lives. We offer private relationship mentoring for individuals and couples, exquisite Date Nights featuring awesome workshops in a fun and intimate setting, and an exclusive boutique where you will find a cornucopia of exciting products dedicated to helping you broaden your sensual and romantic horizons.

And wait till you see our blog! It's called A Feast for the Senses and you will find sexy tips and tricks, crystals & gems, astrology, relationship advice, sizzling stories and more!

Come inside and you'll discover a treasure trove of spicy classes and workshops ranging from how to setup the mood for a romantic escapade to connecting with your own inner vixen!

The Playground of the Senses

Celebrate your love this Spring with a Couples Massage!

Treat yourselves to a magical sensual couples massage at the Playground. This unique experience will tantalise all your senses. Your date night treat includes a cocktail & appie of your choice, leading up to a sensual experience both of you will never forget!


Featured Workshops

Learn Sensual Massage

Enjoy a romantic candle-lit treat for two followed by an exquisite sensual massage workshop from an experienced Tantrika! This unique experience will tantalise your senses, all leading up to an unforgettable experience!

Sharing Sensual Bliss

This is all about you as a couple, your opportunity to come together and embark on a sensual journey that will bring you closer and enrich your lives.



Tantric Touch is powerful, sacred and healing, yet many of us are starving for that feeling of connection and intimacy. This workshop is about re-introducing sacred touch and intimacy into our everyday lives.

Intimacy Through Tantric Touch

This workshop will help you start exploring new depths in your relationship. Through guided exercises, you will connect with your partner, creating a bond of energy that can spread throughout your bodies and strengthen your union.


Relationship Wellness

Relationship Wellness is all about healing, heartfelt communication and deep intimacy! I blend life coaching, communication strategies, breathing, mindfulness, meditation and sacred touch.

Intimacy & Life Mentoring

I am dedicated to the wholeness of self, bringing together your mind, body and spirit in a harmonious and fulfilling way.


Relationship Wellness 4 Life

Our vision for the world is for every person to feel cherished and empowered to live their lives authentically, with deeper intimacy and heartening relationships.

We all know what's best for us, sometimes we need just a little help. Embracing all aspects of ourselves brings us back home to wholeness and gives us the opportunity to live our lives in the most authentic way!

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