The Forest’s Gift: Sophie’s Awakening

Psychedelic FoxxxyShort Stories

Sophie was a young woman in her mid-twenties. She had short, curly brown hair that framed her heart-shaped face, and big, bright green eyes that sparkled with curiosity and enthusiasm. She was slender and graceful, with long, slender fingers that danced across the keys of her laptop as she typed away on her latest project. Sophie was a city girl, … Read More

A Ghostly Christmas

Psychedelic FoxxxyShort Stories

As the snow fell gently outside, Jessica lay in her soft cozy bed, trying to fall asleep. The young redhead had always loved this time of year, with its twinkling lights, festive decorations, and the promise of magic in the air. This year, however, was different as she was all alone in her little cottage by the woods. Her elderly … Read More

When Luna met Sol: A Psychedelic Love Story

Psychedelic FoxxxyShort Stories

Once upon a time, in a mystical land filled with vibrant hues and swirling patterns, there lived a young woman named Luna. Luna was a free spirit who loved to dance and sing among the flowers in the fields of this enchanted place. She had always been searching for her true love, someone who would understand her wild heart and … Read More

The AI Infatuation: Short Story

Psychedelic FoxxxyShort Stories

Once upon a time, there was a married couple, John and Sarah. They lived a happy life together, but Sarah had one nagging insecurity – her husband’s relationship with his AI assistant, ChatGPT. John would spend hours every day talking to ChatGPT, asking it questions, seeking advice and even confiding in it about his personal life. Sarah couldn’t help but … Read More

Three’s Not a Crowd on Valentine’s Day

Psychedelic FoxxxyShort Stories

Once upon a time, there was a polyamorous couple, John and Cindy. They were in an open and honest relationship and Cindy had a boyfriend named Mike, who she had been seeing for several months. One Valentine’s Day, Cindy decided it was time for John and Mike to meet. She arranged a dinner at a fancy restaurant and invited both … Read More

Bob’s Bad Luck Valentine: Short Story

Psychedelic FoxxxyShort Stories

Once upon a time, there was a man named Bob who was hopelessly in love with his co-worker, Diane. Bob had been trying to ask her out for months, but every time he tried to muster up the courage, his nerves got the best of him. Valentine’s Day was quickly approaching, and Bob was determined to finally ask Diane out. … Read More

Gone Fishing: short story

Psychedelic FoxxxyShort Stories

Once upon a time, there was a single young woman named Sophie. She lived a quiet and solitary life, but as Valentine’s Day approached, she felt a twinge of sadness as she scrolled through her social media and saw all the loved-up couples sharing their plans. But little did she know, a surprise was just around the corner. One day, … Read More

My First Swinger’s Party

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Several years ago, Verotica and I were invited to our first swinger’s party. This is what happened…. Yes, most of us have heard of swingers. They pop-up in Hollywood movies and tv series (I remember a scene from 6 Feet Under about Brenda’s parents), usually in the context of depravity of immoral behavior. You can find them in the travel … Read More