How to Embrace Your Inner Goddess: Connecting with Aphrodite in the Modern World

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Hey there, mythology lovers! Are you ready to dive into the world of Greek mythology and learn about the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility? Let’s talk about the one and only, Aphrodite! Aphrodite, also known as Venus in Roman mythology, was one of the twelve Olympian gods and goddesses. She was the daughter of Zeus and the Titaness Dione, … Read More

Recipe: Oysters with Lemon & Garlic


Oh, let me tell you a little secret about oysters, they have quite the reputation as a love potion! It’s said that their shape, texture, and even their taste can be quite arousing (especially with lemon and garlic!). Some even say that eating oysters can mimic the feeling of being kissed! Also, it’s not just the oyster’s sensual appearance and … Read More

Aphrodisiacs, the magical elixirs of love & passion

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Aphrodisiacs, the magical elixirs that have been used for centuries to boost sexual desire and pleasure. From ancient Greek gods to modern-day lovers, everyone seems to have their own secret potion for igniting the flames of passion. But what exactly are aphrodisiacs, and do they really work? An aphrodisiac is defined as any food, drink, or substance that is believed … Read More