Healing & Balance Through Colour


When it comes to feeling good, it’s time to think outside the box! And what’s more fun and playful than playing with colours? That’s right, I’m talking about colour therapy, also known as chromotherapy. Colour therapy is all about using different colours to heal and balance your mind, body, and spirit. Each colour has its own unique properties and can be used to address different issues. For example, blue is said to have a calming effect and can be used to reduce stress and anxiety. On the other hand, yellow is said to boost energy and can be used to combat fatigue. But you don’t have to be a colour expert to try colour therapy! One of the easiest ways to get started is by surrounding yourself with colours that make you feel good. For example, if you find yourself feeling down, try adding some bright yellow or orange to your environment. You can do this by painting a room, adding colourful throw pillows or blankets, or even just wearing your favourite colourful clothes. Another fun way to try colour therapy is by incorporating coloured water or lights into your space. This can be done by adding food colouring and water to a wine glass, or by using coloured light bulbs. For example, if you’re feeling tired or sluggish, you can try using a blue light to boost energy and focus. You can also try colour therapy with food. Eating a variety of colourful fruits and vegetables can help provide your body with the nutrients it needs to function properly. Not only that, but the bright colours of fruits and veggies can also have a positive effect on your mood. In summary, colour therapy is a fun and playful way to heal and balance your mind, body, and spirit. You don’t have to be an expert to get started, just surround yourself with colours that make you feel good and experiment with different techniques such as light therapy or colour in food. Remember, colour therapy is not a substitute for any medical treatment, always consult a professional if you have any concerns about your health. Enjoy the journey and have fun with colours! Cosmically yours, Psychedelic Foxxxy