Gone Fishing: short story

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Gone Fishing: short story

Once upon a time, there was a single young woman named Sophie. She lived a quiet and solitary life, but as Valentine's Day approached, she felt a twinge of sadness as she scrolled through her social media and saw all the loved-up couples sharing their plans. But little did she know, a surprise was just around the corner.

One day, Sophie stumbled upon a dating app profile that caught her eye. The profile belonged to a man named Jack and it had a photo of him holding a massive fish. Despite her initial doubts, Sophie swiped right and was over the moon to find that they had matched.

From the moment they started chatting, Sophie and Jack hit it off. Jack was a passionate fisherman and invited Sophie to join him on a fishing trip for their first date. Although Sophie was a bit intimidated by the idea of fishing, she was drawn to Jack's adventurous spirit and agreed to go.

On Valentine's Day, Sophie met Jack at the lake and was delighted to find that he had rented a luxurious houseboat for the day. Jack taught her everything she needed to know about fishing and they spent the entire day laughing, fishing, and getting to know each other.

As the sun began to set, Jack cooked up their catch for dinner and they enjoyed a romantic meal on the deck of the houseboat. They shared a bottle of wine under the stars, and it was the most unconventional and wonderful Valentine's Day date that Sophie had ever had.

From that day on, Sophie and Jack were inseparable. They went on many more fishing trips and had countless adventures together. They visited new lakes, tried different types of fishing, and even competed in local fishing competitions. Their love for each other only grew stronger with each passing day.

Years went by, and Sophie and Jack remained as in love as they were on that first Valentine's Day. They always looked back on their first date with fondness and remembered how it brought them together. They had a small and intimate wedding on the deck of the same houseboat, surrounded by their closest friends and family.

Sophie realized that sometimes the most unexpected things can lead to the greatest happiness, and she was grateful to that lonely girl who swiped right on a man with a giant fish and caught the love of her life. And they lived happily ever after, always fishing and adventuring together.

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