Your Horoscope @ The Playground

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Hello Stargazers, and welcome to my very first astrology column for the Playground of the Senses! I am super stoked to be here, and I can’t wait to embark on this new adventure right away. So, let’s go! As the new year begins, we can’t wait to see what the cosmos has in store for us! Here’s what to expect … Read More

When Stars Align: The Capricorn Constellation

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In the celestial tapestry, the constellation of Capricornus, often known as the Sea-Goat, is a blend of the mystical and the grounded. Born under the watchful eye of Saturn, the planet of structure and responsibility, Capricorns (December 22nd – January 19th) embody a blend of discipline and ambition, much like their symbol, the Sea-Goat. This sign combines the steadfastness of … Read More

Darlings of the Zodiac: The Enigmatic Libra

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In the celestial dance across the night sky, the constellation of Libra holds a unique allure, a balance of beauty, grace, and harmony that captures the essence of those born under its influence. Let’s embark on a magical journey through the history, constellations, and the romantic essence that defines the enchanting Libra. The Scales of History: A Glimpse into Libra’s … Read More

Whispers of the Heart: Exploring the Depths of Cancer in Love

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Whispers of the Beginning In the celestial tapestry of astrology and romance, each zodiac sign glimmers with its unique essence, but none as deeply emotive as Cancer. Like the moon ruling over the tides, this sign ebbs and flows with feelings, their hearts a boundless ocean of love and intuition. Today, let us sail into the waters of Cancer’s love, … Read More

The Enchanting Duality of Gemini: May 21-June 20

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In the celestial dance of the zodiac, Gemini emerges not just as a sign but as a saga of two intertwined souls, mirroring the complexity and depth of human connections. This sign, ruled by the quicksilver Mercury, embodies the fluid dance of love and passion with the elegance of a cosmic ballet. Gemini’s Twin Stars: A Cosmic Romance The constellation … Read More

Love is in the Stars this Valentine

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Love is in the stars this Valentine, and the stars have some exciting predictions for all the zodiac signs! Whether you’re single or taken, there’s something in store for everyone. Aries, you can expect a passionate and exciting Valentine’s Day! You’ll be filled with energy and enthusiasm, making it the perfect time to plan a fun and adventurous date with … Read More

Welcome to Cosmic News

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Welcome to “Cosmic News” your ultimate destination for all things astrology and divination! I’m here to provide you with the latest and greatest in astrological insights and predictions, all while keeping things fun, relatable, and of course, sassy! I have studied the stars and consulted ancient texts to bring you the most accurate horoscopes, tailored to your specific sun, moon, … Read More

Embracing Celestial Love: Astrology’s Guidance in Matters of the Heart

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Hello, Cosmic Lovebirds! Are you ready to embark on a celestial journey that will unravel the secrets of the universe, while igniting the flames of love within your heart? Astrology, a captivating art steeped in ancient wisdom, offers a unique lens through which lovers can navigate the realm of romance and passion. Whether you’re a believer or a skeptic, the … Read More