How to Have Great Sex!

The PlaygroundSex Tips

Ok, now that I have your attention I’d like to chat about one of the scariest things out there. I mean, this is downright terrifying. Are you ready? I want to talk about…. your sex life! Hands up if you have an awesome great sex life! Now, hands up if you’re getting all your desires met and there is nothing … Read More

What Do You Want… Really?

The PlaygroundCommunication & Relationships

Why is it so important to us that others approve of our most intimate thoughts? Shouldn’t our approvals come from within, or shared with those closest to us? Shouldn’t we feel empowered by our progressive actions and feelings when asking for what we most want? I say, “Hell ya”!! Asking for what we want in our personal lives is a … Read More

Our First Swinger’s Party

The PlaygroundStories

Several years ago, Selene and I were invited to our first swinger’s party. This is what happened…. Yes, most of us have heard of swingers. They pop-up in Hollywood movies and tv series (I remember a scene from 6 Feet Under about Brenda‚Äôs parents), usually in the context of depravity of immoral behavior. You can find them in the travel … Read More

Spiritual Enlightenment Through…. Sex?

The PlaygroundDear Diary

Can you achieve spiritual enlightenment through sex, desire, food and money? Many spiritual leaders say no, but we and Layla Martin say Yes! Join us in watching this video which describes a holistic perspective on the Tantric path. In this video, Layla enthusiastically describes how she is seeking spiritual truth through fully engaging with the world rather than herself oneself … Read More

Mmmmm…. Sensation Play

The PlaygroundDear Diary

Sensation… what? Sensation Play is essentially playing with sensation and perception, and having a lot of fun in the process! For this post I am going to talk about scarves and Ostrich Feather Body Tickler, and how you can combine them together for lots of naughty fun. Ok, first the ostrich feathers. They feel light and teasing on the skin, … Read More