Individual Wellness

Congratulations on your decision to make positive changes in your personal relationships! How does one go about changing relationships for the better when it is just you?

I am glad you asked...

Where ever we go... there we are. We are the constant in our lives. Let's do what we can to create the life and relationships we want. Starting with ourselves sets the stage for the relationships we desire and the invitation of the positive world around us.

How we respond when hearing constructive criticism or how we ask for our needs to be met plays a big part in successful relationships. No matter what relationship we want to be more positive and rewarding, it starts with ourselves.

Breaking down those beliefs that no longer serve you and breaking free of that which prevents you from becoming the best you empowers you to live as authentically as you can while achieving the relationships you want to be part of.

When we are at peace with ourselves and our mind, body and spirit are in sync we can then meet the world on our feet! By using a holistic approach that encompasses all of our self we can use a variety of skills in many different schools of thought to best reach our fullest potential. I invite you to use meditation, presence, NVC and the power of touch to heal yourself and bring you to the next level of consciousness.

I would be honoured to be a part of your journey of self discovery and I am looking forward to meeting you!

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