Date Night

Tantric Couples Massage: Explore Sensual Bliss Together!

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Enjoy a candle-lit treat for two followed by an exquisite sensual couples massage! This unique experience will tantalise all of your senses with a sensual session you will never forget! Perfect for a birthday, anniversary or special celebrations.

A Sensual Couples Massage by the Playground of the Senses is a Tantric experience you can enjoy as a couple. During a Couples Massage, you and your partner are massaged at the same time and in the same room. One of us would massage you and the other, your partner.

Imagine a room lit with candles and incense wafting fragrantly through the air. Exotic music further sets the mood, filling the night with so many possibilities! The massage tables are set in such a way that you can gaze into each other's eyes during the experience, fully drinking in your own experience as well as your partner's. The result can be electrifying!

This is all about you as a couple

The experience is two-fold, for in addition to your own sensations you will also relish seeing your partner's enjoyment. Since your happiness and joy as a couple is paramount, all efforts are made to ensure your mutual pleasure.

This is all about you as a couple, your opportunity to come together and embark on a Tantric journey that will not only please you but also bring you closer and enrich your lives beyond what happens on the massage table.

Each of our massages were amazing and much better than we ever anticipated. Definitely looking forward to our next massages!

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