Relationship Wellness 4 Life

There are many facets to The Playground, and Relationship Wellness for Life is all about healing, heartfelt communication and deep intimacy! My main focus is relationship wellness, in which I blend life coaching, communication strategies, breathing, mindfulness, meditation and sacred touch.

I am dedicated to the wholeness of self, bringing together your mind, body and spirit in a harmonious and fulfilling way.

  • Do you want to live a richer, more productive and fully self-expressed life?
  • Are you finding yourself disconnected with your partner of many years?
  • Do you want to have deeper, fulfilling intimate relationships?
  • Not sure how to ask for what you really need in your life?

If you've answered 'Yes' to any of these questions then Relationship Wellness for Life might be a positive experience for you!

Individual Wellness

Introduce Yourself to Yourself!

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Couples Wellness

Rediscover Each Other!

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