Date Night

Fight or Flight: Not Just Another Communication Workshop

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Are you getting what you want from your relationship? Are your needs being met? Do you wish your partner could just read your mind?

Welcome to the wonderful world of Non Violent Communication (NVC)! Asking for what you want can be a challenge, especially in a romantic relationship. How do you ask for something without offending your partner? Isn't asking to have your needs met just being needy? And how do you know what you need or want in the first place?

In this workshop, we will explore NVC, a communication strategy offered by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg. We will list steps to follow when approaching your partner to help ensure your request is heard in a constructive and positive way. We will also discuss the relationship between feelings and needs, and how we can follow one to discover the other.

Filled with concrete and practical examples taken from our own sexy lives, this fun and interactive workshop will help you deepen, celebrate and strengthen your relationship!

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