Couples Massage: Sharing Sensual Bliss




Enjoy a romantic candle-lit treat for two followed by a sensual couples massage! This unique experience will tantalise your senses with a heady blend of fine wine & delicious treats, all leading up to a sensual session you will never forget! Perfect for a birthday, anniversary or special celebrations.

Following the victuals, you will enjoy a slow, sensual tantric Couples Massage from Damien and Verotica! During the Couples Massage, you and your partner will be massaged at the same time and in the same room. Both Damien and Verotica are experienced, formally trained and hold the same outlook and philosophy when it comes to sensual massage. It’s all about the both of you!

The massage tables are organized in such a way that you can gaze into each other’s eyes during the experience, fully drinking in your own experience as well as your partner’s. Since your happiness and joy as a couple is paramount, all efforts are made to ensure your mutual pleasure.The result can be electrifying!

This is all about you as a couple, your opportunity to come together and embark on a sensual journey that will not only please your palate but also bring you closer and enrich your lives beyond what happens on the massage table.

This unique experience is truly one-of-a-kind.

Looking forward to hearing from you!