Couples Connect: Intimacy Through Tantric Touch



Couples Connect ~ Intimacy through Tantric Touch

Tantric Touch is powerful, sacred and healing, yet many of us are starving for that feeling of connection and intimacy. This workshop is about re-introducing sacred touch and intimacy into our everyday lives.

The Intimacy through Tantric Touch workshop will help you start exploring new depths in your relationship. Through guided exercises, you will connect with your partner, creating a bond of energy that can spread throughout your bodies and strengthen your union.

Take the time to celebrate yourself and your relationship!

We believe this mindful connection, which we call Loving Presence, is the cornerstone of intimacy and connection and forms an energetic web connecting all of us!

Single? Don’t worry! You don’t have to be in a relationship to attend this workshop. The strategies we will be exploring are intended to help you connect with the divine energy in all of us, so the exercises work well wether you are with your partner or a stranger. In fact, working with someone completely new can make the experience even more powerful!

This is a hands-on workshop where you will be working with a partner and practicing these techniques together.