Interview: Miss Morgane

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I had the pleasure of catching up with beautiful Vancouver model Miss Morgane recently. Miss Morgane is a busy girl! She is working hard with her friend Caelyx, and is busy preparing for the launch of her very own Grimms fairy tale-inspired erotic site . How will it be different? What will it offer that these two other sites don't?

Miss Morgane: Unlike those sites, my own will be heavily influenced by Grimms fairy tales. The web design will really showcase that, along with a lot of the sets. I have a lot of cosplay ideas as well!

How did you meet Kato? Do you have a funny/sexy anecdote about working with her?

Miss Morgane: I've been a fan of Kato for years, so when I saw that she was looking for models for an upcoming project I jumped at the opportunity immediately! So quick in fact, that I didn't really know what steamgirl was yet. It was months before I heard back from her, but she did email me back saying that she would love to have me be a part of SG. I drove down to Portland where she was living at the time and had a magical time shooting two sets in the most amazing home ever, with one of my idols!

We giggled about everything and bonded over music and crafting and then later we went for sushi. A really cute moment that I remember, is after we finished sushi, she quietly pulled this little sweet pastry from the sushi belt and slid it over to me and asked if I wanted to share. The look on her face when she did so was just so sweet and a little mischievous.

What was it like working with Caelyx? Is there anything Caelyx wouldn't want you to tell us?

Miss Morgane: I adore working Caelyx and the gingerotica girls. Caelyx has got to be one of the most hard working girls in the industry and it really shows in her modeling. It's very inspiring. Just between you and me, I think she might be a vampire. How else does she have the energy to work so damn hard and look as amazing as she does?!

Did you always want to be a model? How did you get into it?

Miss Morgane: Gosh no! Modeling is something that I totally stumbled into. I've always had a love of photography, so when I moved to Vancouver and I discovered all the top notch alternative models and photographers, I wanted to take part in that industry somehow. I really admired this photographer, Embryonic Wings and this project that she was working on, "The Red Lipstick Project," but couldn't afford to take part. When she offered a facebook contest to win a modeling spot with her, I entered.

Long story short, my old elementary school friend saw my entry and asked if I modeled because she needed someone for her year end project for fashion design. I didn't win the contest, but I got to take part in an amazing day of shooting in Blood Alley, with hair/makeup and beautiful clothing. After talking with the photographer, I opened up a model mayhem account and have been modeling ever since.

If you had to pick your top fave movies to watch over a week-end, what would they be?

Miss Morgane: Ooh a movie marathon weekend, how lovely! I would choose:

  • Rock 'N Rolla
  • Scott Pilgrim
  • Fantastic Mr.Fox
  • Spirited Away
  • Repo The Genetic Opera

What do you like to bake?

Miss Morgane: One of my favorite recipes is for sunkist orange chocolate brownies. It's a recipe that has been passed down from my grandma. They're amazing! I also really enjoy making cheesecakes. I love the spring form pan!

What do you like better, chocolate or coffee?

Miss Morgane: Definitely chocolate! I've got a mega sweet tooth. I'm also more of a tea girl. Matcha and chai for life! ~ Thanks for interviewing me!

The pleasure was all mine!
Psychedelic Foxxxy