Intimacy in the Time of Covid: Keeping the Homefires Burning

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Intimacy is a crucial aspect of human relationships that helps to build emotional and physical closeness between individuals. It is an important factor in maintaining a healthy and fulfilling life, as it helps to strengthen the bonds between people and promotes feelings of love, care, and support. During the COVID-19 pandemic, intimacy had become even more important as many people … Read More

What Do You Want… Really?

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A lot of people are afraid to say what they want. That’s why they don’t get what they want.Madonna Ciccone Why is it so important to us that others approve of our most intimate thoughts? Shouldn’t our approvals come from within, or shared with those closest to us? Shouldn’t we feel empowered by our progressive actions and feelings when asking … Read More

My First Swinger’s Party

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Several years ago, Verotica and I were invited to our first swinger’s party. This is what happened…. Yes, most of us have heard of swingers. They pop-up in Hollywood movies and tv series (I remember a scene from 6 Feet Under about Brenda’s parents), usually in the context of depravity of immoral behavior. You can find them in the travel … Read More