Our Story

The story of the Playground of the Senses started on the wild windswept shores of Vancouver Island.

We stumbled across the building known as the Wreckage in the small coastal town of Ucluelet. As with so many vacationers, this building captured us and as part of our daily travels we would peer past the cobwebs and dream of what this location could become.

Through the dust-covered windows the space called to us, begging for light and love. Over a glass of wine as the sun was setting we tried to talk ourselves out of this crazy adventure. No luck!

Everything seemed to be falling into place and half way through our vacation we met the owner and took our first step on what was to become an incredible adventure! As we toured the buildings and grounds, our passions ignited and we were excited to see our dreams taking shape.

We headed back to the Lower Mainland, leaving behind the mountains, oceans and rainforest. What followed was a wild whirlwind of activity as we prepared for our return trek. Our deadline? An open shop by Canada Day week-end!

Boxes were packed, emails sent and phone calls made.


The Playground Was Born

From the Graveyard of the Pacific to Pirates & Faeries and the 5 Senses, “The Playground of the Senses” was born. Now, what to put into this wondrous location? We looked to what made us happy and fulfilled our creativity, sensuality and passions. As our dreams took form around us, this "metaphysical love shop" became an expression of who we are as individuals as well as a couple. Music, incense, sexy fashions and sensual treats lined the shelves and adorned the Wreckage’s historic walls.

People soon stopped by, regaling us with tales of how the Wreckage was built with salvaged lumber from the coast. We heard stories of how Norma, the shop's original owner and a local legend, would sit and hold court by the wood stove. We like to think she would approve, and everyday we honoured her memory.

As bald eagles soared overhead and seals frolicked in the harbour, people from all walks of life, tourists and locals alike, shared their lives with me. They asked questions, commented about the shop's wares and even sought advice on their romantic lives! I love helping people, and these often unexpected exchanges made my day!

I felt fulfilled and energised by sharing with others my perspective, having them in turn embrace it and see it help them on their journey to living their authentic selves. It wasn't long before I became the town's unofficial relationship counselor!

I have always tried to celebrate sensuality in my life, and empower myself and others to talk about their sensual wants, needs and desires in an open and transparent way. Most people told me I was easy to talk with and they were surprised at how easy it was to share with me.


The Playground Philosophy

The Playground of the Senses is the manifestation of our shared belief that there is nothing wrong with pleasing oneself and others. Many of us are conflicted about sensuality, particularly when sexuality is involved.

Even those of us who do not subscribe to any particular religion often harbour the unspoken belief that sex is somehow sinful, or at least dirty. We bury our yearnings for sensual pleasure deep into our psyche, and often feel unfulfilled as a result. We wind up yearning for what is right in front us, a thirst for the cool water tumbling all around us.

But why talk about sensuality? Isn’t this just about sex?

Sex is a major part of the sensual experience, to be sure, but the senses extend beyond the sexual. Think of the cool wind against your face, the sound of the surf pounding the rocks or the taste and feel of a strawberry against your tongue.

All these are part of the sensual experience, and it is our mission to create an environment that will make all of your senses tingle. Indeed, we aim to celebrate the sensual and ourselves as sensual beings!


The Playground of the Senses has since moved south, traveling from the small fishing village where it was born to the vibrant exciting capital city of Victoria, BC. Our location may have changed but our philosophy remains unchanged. The Playground remains a haven of sensuality, intimacy, mystery and magic! Call us, email us or experience one of our exciting classes and workshops. We believe life is a banquet, so why not indulge? Light a stick of incense, watch the fragrant smoke drifting up into the night air. Warm some massage oil, and gaze into the loving eyes of your partner.

Come play in our Playground, and keep those home fires burning!