Spiritual Enlightenment Through…. Sex?

The PlaygroundDear Diary

Can you achieve spiritual enlightenment through sex, desire, food and money? Many spiritual leaders say no, but we and Layla Martin say Yes! Join us in watching this video which describes a holistic perspective on the Tantric path.

In this video, Layla enthusiastically describes how she is seeking spiritual truth through fully engaging with the world rather than herself oneself from it. By practising mindful meditation and employing all her senses in her relationship with the world around us, she describes how we can seek truth within.

Imagine being fully engaged in eating a strawberry… Smell the sweet perfume, the feel of the skin on your lips and tongue. Delight in the rich taste of the berry as it breaks open in your mouth, the subtle sound as you bite into its juiciness…. Mmmmm I’m feeling more spiritual already!

This philosophy does not see careers, desire and money as distractions, but rather as necessary steps in the path to spiritual awakening.

But what, exactly, is enlightenment? For Layla martin, enlightenment is truth.

What does it mean to you?