Interview: April Pleasure

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April Pleasure is a beautiful,  experienced companion and Pro Domme who has been working the Vancouver scene for many years. In this interview, April and I chat about safety tips, her best sessions and how she got into being a companion!

Doing what I love, feeling like I’m helping others and seeing men at their most vulnerable is such an honour for me.   

What prompted you to begin your career as a companion?

April Pleasure: I was 20, out of high school, and always wanted to be a companion. It was my dream as a young child! It was time to find my way in.

What’s some advice that might help all sex workers?

April Pleasure: Hone your intuition and then listen to it. Also, I think it’s important that this work calls to you, otherwise your experience with it could be very negative.

What’s the best thing about your work?

April Pleasure:  Doing what I love, feeling like I’m helping others and seeing men at their most vulnerable is such an honour for me. Doing what you love makes work more of a joy any day but especially those days that are harder, it makes it easier to push through and do my job regardless of what’s come up. My goal is that my client leaves happier or better emotionally than when they arrived and that this feeling/energy goes with them into their day. My hope is that I have recharged their spirit/energy. I feel like it’s a great gift to see a vulnerable man, a side they rarely show anybody and I get to see it all the time. They trust that we will accept them and they bare all emotionally and physically. I treat that sacred, or with respect.

What safety precautions do you take?

April Pleasure:

  • Sexually. Sexual safety. Condoms all the time. Clients, fwb, hookups or anyone other than a long term partner must wear condoms for everything including bj’s. I have a standing order and get tested every 3 months for all sti’s.
  • Vetting / Screening of clients. So, I don’t technically screen my clients, in the sense that I don’t ask for references or ID. I do however, pay close attention to the conversation for verbiage and red flags ie. How are they speaking to me, are they using any derogatory type language, are they being consistent in what they are saying to me etc.
  • In call vs Out call pros/cons of each. I can only speak to incalls, I rarely engage in outcalls but when I have, I make sure at least one person knows my whereabouts and I may or may not set up a check in. Thinking about it, it seems as though I have less precautions for incall than outcall, as I don’t take either of the previous mentioned precautions. I do rely heavily on the conversation with them. In the past I’ve booked space for work, so someone usually knows when I am sessioning but not with who or any contact info. I think I am more comfortable with having less precautions with incall because I feel like I have the advantage over the environment as I am familiar with it. I know this is not accurate though, in that a stronger man can still overpower me in my environment.
  • Mutual Support. Not as a safety precaution but more as a chance to spend time together, I really enjoy working with friends and not necessarily seeing clients together but working the same time together. This is fun and a great way to stay safer.
  • Safecall. If you have a weird vibe about someone coming, have a safecall for that session even if you normally don’t have one.
  • Emotional Burnout. I am very sensitive to burning out but I also have the advantage of being able to be very selfish with my time as I do not have many familial or personal responsibilities. Take burning out seriously, you can not give your clients what they need if you do not have it yourself. Listen to your mind and body, take time for you as and how you need it.
  • Strategies for maintaining physical & emotional health. Physically, I prep to get a good night’s sleep before work. Sleep may not be as important for others as it is for me though. Emotionally, I generally don’t see disrespectful people and I pay close attention to my energy/burnout level and attend to it as needed or as I can if the circumstance makes it difficult.
  • Wankers vs Clients – how to spot them. Inconsistent language/conversation is the biggest way I spot a wanker vs a potential real client. Someone who asks inappropriate questions, a lot of questions or a lot of questions over a long period of time. Or this or that or tons of things I could go into, but you know how to spot a potential real client? They are usually concise and get straight to business by getting the appropriate questions out of the way and booking time with you.

What pitfalls have you encountered and how do you avoid them?

April Pleasure: Giving away too much time is my biggest pitfall and I have not overcome it. Whether it’s going over in sessions, giving time wasters too much or my paid online/email exchanges that go on for too long.

Where do you advertise?

April Pleasure: I advertise on leolist, escortdirectory and tryst. Unfortunately, it seems most calls come from my leolist ad. I offer escort or Domme services for different rates, usually within the same ad. My level of service is the same from session to session, I do not have varied rates for varied services, ie. Rates are all inclusive and not broken down into a particular act. I offer a kind, respectful and hopefully satisfying experience at a consistent rate.

What does the best session look like to you?

April Pleasure: The client comes in, is pleased to see you and ready to give you the donation. They are eager yet respectful. Fun is had by both or all parties involved and that any requests or desires the client had, within personal limits, were fulfilled. They are conscious of the time, as I am, and do their best to respect it without reminders. When seeing them off, it is clear they are going back out into the world feeling uplifted. Hearing they can’t wait to come back is always nice, you’ve usually ‘hooked’ them, or if you prefer, made a regular at that point.

What do you wish you knew at the beginning of your career, that you know now?

April Pleasure: Men will try and get away with anything you let them, so don’t let them. Even if they are in a vulnerable moment and may even open up to you about their life, don’t trust them or believe they will be honourable with you.

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