Looking for a Great Massage? Read this!!

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Hey guys, do you want to book a sensual masseur or maybe another type of sex worker but aren’t sure what to say? What’s the best way to setup a session? Whether you are brand new to the world of sensual massage or someone who has had many experiences, here are a few tips for getting the best possible experience!

Step 1: First, how to find a practitioner in your area.  If you live in Canada you can use Leolist, and of course Google works (almost) everywhere. Once you’ve chosen your practitioner, read the ad carefully! How does she want to be contacted? Does she want you to text her, phone her or does she prefer email? Why is this important? It is a small but important way to show us that you have read our ad and care enough to follow our suggestions. Why does this matter? Well, it shows us that you care about our needs and preferences! By taking the time to contact us according to our wishes, you are showing us that we can trust you to follow our other requests as well, such as respecting our boundaries.  That is a great way to start a conversation! Both of us want a great session, and this is great start.

Step 2: Ok, so now you have us on the phone (or on text or email) – what now? Introduce yourself! “Hi my name is ____ and I am looking for____.” This is a much better opening than just texting “hi” or “hey darlin”. That may be fine once you’ve built a relationship, but not a good opening line. And please, no heavy breathing or asking us what we are wearing! Some practitioners offer phone sex, so if this what you want then make sure to find someone who can meet those needs by reading their ad. Would you speak to your dentist like that?

Feel free to ask questions during the initial contact! This helps both the practitioner and the client to match up what they are looking for and helps ensure you get what you want.

Asking for services not specified in an ad is OK, unless the practitioner has already said in their ad they don’t provide that service. As an example, in my ad I specify No FS / No O. Anyone requesting these services shows me they either haven’t read my ad or are trying to push my limits, both of which drops you into the Time Waster folder – and that is not where you want to be! Once in that folder, it is near impossible to get back out.

Step 3: Be as honest as you can, or at least don’t lie. We ask questions about your experience in order to make sure you are getting the most awesome experience you can! For example, if you tell me you are brand new and you are not, you may be limiting your experience. A client that has more experience is not going to be as easily overwhelmed with the energy exchange as someone who has none and my sessions are tailored with this in mind.

It is in your best interest to be as open as you can with your practitioner. If you are nervous, don’t worry! We can take a few extra minutes taking some deep breathes, it does wonders!

Step 4: Be aware of your time. Please show up on time, not too early and definitely not late! We all have different preferences on this, please refer back to the practitioner and their ad. But what about traffic? If you are going to be a few minutes late, you should be contacting the practitioner at least 15 minutes before your arrival time if this is the case. Again, this shows consideration and might help motivate her to go the extra mile for you!

As you can probably tell, punctuality is very important to me, so my ad now specifies being on time. Why? Lately I have been getting texts 5 minutes after their scheduled time that they are 10 minutes away. This can create a time crunch that could have been avoided had the client been upfront in their time management. I am happy to adjust my schedule ahead of the session to accommodate a 10 minute variance, otherwise it may result in a cancelled session and nobody wants a session cancelled.

Most sessions are “door to door” which means your session starts when you walk in and ends when you are walking out. Please be mindful of your session time and book accordingly.

Basically, treat your sex worker as you would any other professional and this will serve you well. If you are going to be late, let them know beforehand so they can make arrangements. This shows respect, and will help build the foundation for a great session.

Step 5: I offer a shower before hand. Please use this time to wash all areas of your body! I know when someone has washed thoroughly and when they have not. This will affect the quality of your session.

Step 6: Don’t be afraid to express yourself! I always remind my clients that if there is some specific touch that is not working for them, please tell me. This will not hurt my feelings and will give you more opportunity to get the session you truly desire. Of course, if I am doing something you like please say so as well! My best sessions involve good communication between the client and I, so I know what’s working and how you are feeling. This is not a spa massage- you don’t have to lay quiet and still! The more we communicate and interact during the session, the better I can meet your needs and create a session you will never forget.

So there you go, 6 quick steps that will help you initiate and maintain a great relationship with your practitioner. It’s all about respect, and as you know “you have to give some to get some”. By respecting our wishes and showing us courtesy, you are helping us trust you and that is an awesome first impression! This will help start you down a path to an awesome experience you will have again and again!

Love & Light