Our Ideal Student

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Is West Coast Tantra Institute the learning environment for you?

Are you already in the adult industry or have made the decision to start your business and you want as much information as you can so your business runs as smoothly as possible from the get-go? Armed with knowledge you can navigate these bumps in the road, knowing you are ready for them.

Are you open and supportive of all the different avenues one can take in this industry? Excellent to hear! While not everyone can find success and happiness in every aspect of this industry, being open and mindful that we are all different and we can thrive and find success in our respective fields is a thought we can hold close to our hearts!

While we don’t have all the answers, our team of instructors are currently in the industry, succeeding in their respective fields and are open to sharing with you how to create the best sessions possible, covering safety & security, how to vet clients as well as many other points you may have forgotten to ask about!

We look forward to sharing our knowledge with you! Get started today