The Playground of the Senses

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Want to experience something different? Come explore a two-hour Couples Massage at the Playground, and allow yourself to be led into a state of well being.

At the Playground you can enjoy a deep relaxing holistic massage by Tawnija as your partner watches, then switch roles as you slip onto the massage table. In addition to massaging you, Tawnija will also teach you what to do, so you can bring the joys of massage in your own personal relationship.

Playground of the Senses

Are you getting married, on your honeymoon, or celebrating an anniversary in Ucluelet or Tofino? Or are you exploring the Wild West Coast and looking for something exotic and different? Then you must stop by the Playground of the Senses!

Hand-rolled incense. Romance Packages. Luxurious massage oils. Sinful bubble bath. Breathtaking crystals and gems. Naughty adult toys. These are but a few of the treasures awaiting you in the Playground of the Senses, the West Coast's hottest little sensuality boutique! Deep in the woods where ancient rain forests meet the wild North Pacific ocean, the Playground of the Senses is a magical playspace where you can relax and explore your wildest desires.

Your Secret Romantic Destination

As unique as the land it calls home, the Playground of the Senses in Ucluelet, BC offers a cornucopia of treasures to delight your every sense. Step into the Playground and surround yourself with the romance and mystery of Vancouver Island's wild west coast.

The shop lives in the historic Wreckage, a famous building made of hand cut cedar splits and lumber salvaged from the ocean. If you are quiet, you can even hear the wind sighing through ancient rigging! Beautiful cedar and fir trees sway gently in the ocean breeze as you relax by a fire crackling in our custom coffee pot-shaped wood stove, a peaceful West Coast oasis for your sensual adventure.



1. The enjoyment, expression, or pursuit of physical, esp. sexual, pleasure. "He ate the grapes with surprising sensuality"

2. The condition of being pleasing or fulfilling to the senses. "life can dazzle with its sensuality, its color"

3. From the mid-14 century: "the part of man that is concerned with the senses," from O.Fr. sensualité, from L.L. sensualitatem (nom. sensualitas) "capacity for sensation," from L. sensualis "endowed with feeling, sensitive," from sensus "feeling" (see sense).

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